c-base needs a cnc router.

We had many attempts and promising ideas, but none have ever been built. This is about to change!

Meet c-nancy:

We already have the linear glides, the linear ball bearings, the ball screws and the ball screw nuts for this. We also have quite some of the hardwood pieces for the frame, but not all of them.

But we still need some things, which are:

  • a router (auf deutsch: "Frässpindel"), we decided for a Kress FME-1050 (roughly 180-200€)
  • a set of 4pcs NEMA23 Stepper Motors with drivers and a control board for the drivers. (roughly 280-320€)
  • a mounting bracket with D43mm for the router (20€)
  • some pieces of wood (50€)
  • some small stuff like screws. (20€)

In total we need about 600€. If we surpass the 50% mark of this campaign, we will then approach the circle and request the remaining money from the circle.

Some facts about this machine: The maximum machinable area will be 550 x 250 x 100mm. The maximum size for a workpiece will be 800 x 400 x 100 mm

As this is the first cnc that c-base will have, we thought it is sensible to build a small and easy to use machine. We do have bigger sizes in our mind, which is why we sized the mechanical components so, that later on we can build a bigger cnc router using the same components and reusing most of the parts that were used for c-nancy. For this extension we just need some more wood and longer rails and ballscrews. The Router, Rails and Ball screws are dimensioned so they can be used on a much bigger machine as well.

This is the router we want to buy:

This is the set of Steppers we want to buy:

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Your name in gratitude of your contribution on the inside of the machine, highly visible during maintenance and when the machine is dismantled.

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The build team will raise the glasses and drink to your health in gratitude of your contribution!

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Choose a creative name for any of the routerbits that we will have for our cnc router!

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We will engrave your name in a small plate with the machine as soon as it is finished and give it to you in gratitude of your contribution. You will also get the "name in the machine" perk.

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